Chassis Maintenance

The most important element to the Park Home is the Chassis. 

The Park Home Chassis is usually made of steel and without adequate protection, the steel frame can corrode and rust, making it brittle and prone to cracking or buckling under the weight of the Park Home. Support Jacks, helping to support and distribute the weight of the Park home, can also become corroded and buckle.

Early signs of damage could include squeaky or uneven floors. More serious symptoms include floor movement, dampness leading to heat loss. The most severe cases could lead to the roof cracking or the park home floor subsiding.

Diamond Installation can perform a complete inspection of the under chassis of your park home. We can then, provide a full service to re-strengthen and condition the chassis, add support jacks where necessary and provide optional underfloor insulation

The process includes:

  • Replacing rotten timbers where necessary, treating and re-strengthening the wooden supports
  • Replace old support jacks with new corrosion resistant jacks
  • Replacement of floorboards where necessary
  • Clean and treat the steel chassis to prevent corrosion
  • Provide optional under-floor insulation.
  • Insulation will help you save money on your heating bills by protecting from drafts and heat-loss from your home to the ground.

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